Monthly Archives: January 2014

Maya’s Graph Editor: Ninja Knowledge

As anyone who animates in Maya knows, all the juicy stuff happens in the Graph Editor. The Graph Editor is an awesome tool for getting the very best you can from your animation, so it makes sense to utilise it as much as you can. There are a few simple expressions that can be entered […]

Making animated short, Target Practice: part 1

One of my recent projects is a short animation called Target Practice. Its about a toy robot going for a stroll in his keeper’s bedroom when he’s suddenly set upon by a gang of menacing cardboard bad-guys. He uses his quick draw skills to gun them down, until one shot is misplaced… The idea came […]

Getting a model Rift-ready

For the most part of this week I’ve been working on prepping a model to be used for an Oculus Rift project (my first Rift project as well – so it’s pretty exciting). The project belongs to Peter Evers, a professional photographer who is examining the difference between the “real” self and the “digital” self […]

Old Man Logan: Best. Comic. Ever. Kinda.

I’ve just gotten round to reading and finishing Old Man Logan from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven and its probably the best written, most finely illustrated graphic novel I’ve read yet. The story is deep and tragic and brutal – all of which is backed up by gorgeous art from McNiven. Found myself re-reading dialogue […]