3D: Pre-viz footage of “Target Practice”


I was reluctant to post the progress of this because – as you’ll see, its Pre-viz, meaning basically that it looks rough. Pre-viz footage can be pretty raw, the CG isn’t rendered (ie; no shiny metal robot) no post production, no sound….but its put together to help me visualise the timing. From here I can see the beats, assess whether a shot is too long / too short / not working / looks good and carry on. Obviously in time I will render the robot out, place him into the live plate with shadows and colour correction – I’ll use After Effects to create a laser blast and also work on the look and timing of the hole blasted in the bad-guys.

So here we have the first few shots, establishing the scenario. Our hero, the robot, is having a stroll through the room when all of a sudden, he’s accosted by unfriendly cardboard targets. Luckily, our hero had the foresight to load his laser gun with live ammo, so sets about blasting holes in their no-good butts.

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