Halloween VFX: WolfCop



I first heard about WolfCop through Facebook. As is the way with many movies these days, in the absence of a good old video store, social media gives you the chance to discover crazy, unique and fun titles that you’d not otherwise come across. And every Steven Seagal film since The Glimmer Man. I think if I had’ve came across the Bluray / DVD of WolfCop in the likes of Xtravision I would definately have got curious. The allure of a lycanthropic crime fighting tough guy was always going to win me over. In fact Mr Dean, you had me at WolfCop. I love werewolf movies, it’s no secret. And a great irony in my life is that although I study and practice CG and digital effects, I really love practical effects, prosthetics and real gore. They’re hard to beat!

If you want to see the movie come together, they have a great channel on Youtube here. In this, it’s clear to see that the film was crafted with love. For me, this is what actually elevated the movie above other B-movie pulp fests, it’s hard not to let the belief the film-makers had in WolfCop appeal to you.

As for the man himself, WolfCop is like Teenwolf’s naughty uncle. He’s a boozin’, brawlin’ bad-ass. Like Lou Ferringo’s Hulk, WolfCop is physically freaky looking and destructive, but ultimately a good guy. He also has his own car, the Wolf-Wagon or Wolf-Mobile if you will. Essentially, the movie is darkly funny and the FX decorate all of that. I’m left with a sense that the crew were eager, energetic and full of ideas, just like the crew Romero assembled for Day of the Dead (1985). Example; WolfCop’s first transformation – it’s messy! Skin is shredded and pulled apart and satisfying goops of gore paint the walls. How the transformation kicks off is also pretty unique. I can safely say I’ve never seen one of those before. Like a lot of werewolf transformations, better results were achieved with practical effects rather than CG. I’d love to see a redefining transformation made entirely in CG, unfortunately we’re not there with them just yet. Until then, bring on WolfCop 2!

Best bit
WolfCop’s first transformation. You’d imagine your body shifting into a completely different shape would be painful, and for poor Lou Garou, it is. Garou is in the gents, having a bit of a piss. Suddenly, his urine turns red (never a good sign, werewolf or not). Then, in a cinematic fist, we see his regular human “bits” become a wolf-schlong. This pretty much sets the tone for the kind of ride Lowell Dean wants to take you on.


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