Monthly Archives: March 2015

3D: Update on first sculpt in Mudbox

I just wanted to share a quick update with you on the progress of my first sculpt in Mudbox. I’m working on it in between a bunch of other stuff otherwise I’m sure it’d be closer to being finished by now! I added some rickety teeth and made the mouth a bit asymmetrical, now I’m […]

3D: My first sculpt in mudbox

Digital scultpting has been something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time. I guess that my MA project has given me a great  reason to get started as I want to use a sculpting package to create a creature of some kind – being able to sculpt, for me at least, means opening […]

Mike Bell: The Story of Simon, his cat and an internet success.

Producer and animator Mike Bell spoke at the Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts yesterday as part of the Ulster Festival of Art & Design. Mike is one of the driving forces behind the phenomenon that is Simon’s Cat, which for those (seemingly few) who don’t know is a low-fi black and white cartoon about the misadventures of […]

Sketches: Aquaman

Jason Momoa seems to be a natural fit to play Aquaman. When the Unite the Seven picture was released, it looked like a credible, cool direction Snyder and his team were taking the character. So I couldn’t help take a wee bit of time to sketch him out. I need to draw more and there was […]

Reasons We Should Be Loving The Movies Right Now

It won’t have escaped the attention of many parties that there’s increasing likelihood that a re-boot of Indiana Jones is on the cards – a reboot starring Chris Pratt and directed by Beard Spielberg himself. The idea of such a sacred franchise being remade without Harrison Ford would, in any other universe, have caused pandemonium. […]