3D: My first sculpt in mudbox

Digital scultpting has been something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time. I guess that my MA project has given me a great  reason to get started as I want to use a sculpting package to create a creature of some kind – being able to sculpt, for me at least, means opening up a world of crazy stuff I can begin to “get out” of me! I stalled for a bit when it came to deciding which package I’d be committing to learning, Z Brush or Mudbox. I decided to go with Mudbox as it fits better into my pipeline and there’s a bit of familiarity already as I’ve been using Maya anyway.

I thought the most interesting thing for me to try would be a zombie – they’re kinda distinguished! I’m working towards something thats part Bub and part Evil Ash…


I’m looking forward to getting to the stage where I can add some skin detail and paint it as it’ll really bring it to life (pun intended). First though, I need to keep sculpting as I’m adding some rotten teeth and maybe some more eye detail. More soon…..


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