3D animation / VFX

E4 Sting

This is my entry for the competition to create a sting for E4.


The Scaries

This was my graduation piece at Swansea Institute. The Scaries is a short animation about a young girl who gets separated from her mum and begins to see creatures emerge from the dark. Are these things real or is her fear ruling her imagination?

All 3D was created using Maya, Shake was used for compositing.


Run Or Die – for Global Game Jam 2015

The theme was “What Do We Do Now?” which struck an apocalyptic chord with my quickly assembled team right away. What we ended up with was a third person, fast paced decision making game where you basically have to run for your life to escape the 2012-style flood which was rushing up the mountain.

The game can be found here (along with the sterling efforts of the other Jammers) and I thought I’d share some of my contribution here (both of the animations, Idle and Running are in the same timeline). I felt that time would be a crucial element so once the idea was set, I went about modelling, rigging and animating the character – I had to balance time v quality but I think we did a great job getting together something which was playable.


NVTV promo

This is a short promotional sting I did for NVTV. I chose City Hall as I wanted to position the NVTV logo upon a recognisable Belfast landmark.


Walk cycle for a B-movie Colonel character.

The character here is someone who would typically appear in a 1950’s B-movie; “the colonel”. Bold, American and a man’s man, I’ve put him through a simple walk cycle.

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