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Movies: 10 great horror movies to watch for Halloween weekend

Forget Christmas, tomorrow is the big one! And since it falls on a Saturday this year, Halloween can last all weekend! This means that you have all weekend to binge on horror movies, comics, games or whatever you fancy – however you fancy getting your fix. For me, it’ll be movies. I’ll be watching some […]

Sketches: Halloween’s Dr. Loomis

I was watching Halloween recently and admired (not for the first time) Donald Pleasence’s performance of Dr. Loomis. Loomis brings Haddonfield the message that Michael Myers has come home and that death will be stalking every street corner on Halloween night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this film but the speech Loomis gives […]

Tom Atkins: Halloween Hero

Halloween is the best time of year (sorry Santa, but my tastes have evolved and it’s been a while since you dropped by) and it’s not too long til the big night is here and the Silver Shamrock ads are playing. For horror movie fans, it’s a treat as the TV channels will soon be […]

Content is King: VR is pretty but looks ain’t everything

2016 will be the year of VR. There’s little doubt about that, whether you view VR with dead-eyed cynicism or happen to be chomping at the bit to get a headset. If you happen to be one of those people looking forward to your first VR headset purchase, there’s not much longer to wait; HTC’s […]

Sketches: Aquaman

Jason Momoa seems to be a natural fit to play Aquaman. When the Unite the Seven picture was released, it looked like a credible, cool direction Snyder and his team were taking the character. So I couldn’t help take a wee bit of time to sketch him out. I need to draw more and there was […]

Reasons We Should Be Loving The Movies Right Now

It won’t have escaped the attention of many parties that there’s increasing likelihood that a re-boot of Indiana Jones is on the cards – a reboot starring Chris Pratt and directed by Beard Spielberg himself. The idea of such a sacred franchise being remade without Harrison Ford would, in any other universe, have caused pandemonium. […]

Halloween VFX: The Mist

I’ve chosen Frank Darabont’s 2007 film as it appears to be strangely underrated yet it’s one of the best horror movies to come from the states in many years.Based on a Stephen King novella of the same name and not to be aligned with the other horror-movie-weather-phenomenon, The Fog, The Mist isn’t a grandstanding showcase of set pieces. […]