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Anamorphic Love

I grew up holding a place in my heart for many films. Films like Jaws, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Fog, Die Hard, Predator…it’s a long list. Amongst many things, one of the reasons I’m drawn to these movies is their aesthetic. For a while it was a strange, mythical ingredient that made up this aesthetic but when I got into a career in filmaking / VFX I realised that these ingredients aren’t mythical but practical.


I ❤ Rick Baker


Dark 80s Synth

Whenever I work, I tend to have on some kind of noise – silence reminds me too much of an assembly hall during exam time. But I’ve found I keep drifting towards walkthroughs of old console games and soundtracks from familiar movies. For the most part I listen music and it’s usually the soundtracks that have come […]

Music to pixel by

I live in retro-land most of the time. I’ve come to this conclusion lately after realising that whenever I’m working I mostly listen to NewRetroWave stuff or old console walkthroughs on Youtube. I’m thinking about why this is (most of the time I reckon it’s likely a desperate attempt to cling to the past) but I […]

Movies: 10 great horror movies to watch for Halloween weekend

Forget Christmas, tomorrow is the big one! And since it falls on a Saturday this year, Halloween can last all weekend! This means that you have all weekend to binge on horror movies, comics, games or whatever you fancy – however you fancy getting your fix. For me, it’ll be movies. I’ll be watching some […]

Reasons We Should Be Loving The Movies Right Now

It won’t have escaped the attention of many parties that there’s increasing likelihood that a re-boot of Indiana Jones is on the cards – a reboot starring Chris Pratt and directed by Beard Spielberg himself. The idea of such a sacred franchise being remade without Harrison Ford would, in any other universe, have caused pandemonium. […]

Halloween VFX: The Mist

I’ve chosen Frank Darabont’s 2007 film as it appears to be strangely underrated yet it’s one of the best horror movies to come from the states in many years.Based on a Stephen King novella of the same name and not to be aligned with the other horror-movie-weather-phenomenon, The Fog, The Mist isn’t a grandstanding showcase of set pieces. […]