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Yes, VR is a thing and it’s here to stay: Part 1

Is VR just for a small number of technically minded individuals? Is VR only for those who have game consoles or high-end computers? Is it possible to have some kind of sustainable career in VR?


Sketches: Sir Ian McKellen

So I picked up the recent copy of Total Film (available from all media merchants of good repute) and I saw an amazing photograph of Sir Ian McKellen. He has such an interesting face – I couldn’t help but sketch it out in my own way. Spending some time with the simple joys of pencils […]

3D: Diving into character rigging

So, after having heard a lot of good things from a lot of good people about Digital Tutors – and after a short period of lurking around the website, I decided to do the smart thing and jump in with a subscription. The message displayed on screen whenever my subscription was confimred said it all […]