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Stereo VFX with 360° video

In earlier posts I’ve talked about my first VR experience and how it really resonated with me. One of the elements that really contributed to the impact the experience had on me was that it was CG. CG characters and worlds can be so fantastic; pulling imagery from our nightmares, creating environments and landscapes that amaze us, presenting […]

3D: Global Game Jam 2015 @ Farset Labs, Belfast

Last Friday (23 January) I turned up armed with my laptop and various other CG weaponry to take part in the Global Game Jam 2015. This was my first one and I didn’t know what to expect. I had no team and no idea how the weekend would turn out. How it turned out was […]

3D: New work, Target Practice (still in progress)

I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on this last while, as I’ve been lying lower than Elvis in order to work on it. Its (clearly) not finished but I wanted to share it for a couple of reasons. One, to get it “out there”. Next, to get some feedback on where I’m at […]

3D: Diving into character rigging

So, after having heard a lot of good things from a lot of good people about Digital Tutors – and after a short period of lurking around the website, I decided to do the smart thing and jump in with a subscription. The message displayed on screen whenever my subscription was confimred said it all […]

Maya’s Graph Editor: Ninja Knowledge

As anyone who animates in Maya knows, all the juicy stuff happens in the Graph Editor. The Graph Editor is an awesome tool for getting the very best you can from your animation, so it makes sense to utilise it as much as you can. There are a few simple expressions that can be entered […]

Making animated short, Target Practice: part 1

One of my recent projects is a short animation called Target Practice. Its about a toy robot going for a stroll in his keeper’s bedroom when he’s suddenly set upon by a gang of menacing cardboard bad-guys. He uses his quick draw skills to gun them down, until one shot is misplaced… The idea came […]