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Review: The Mummy

My dissertation was based around horror stories – why we tell tales that scare us and give us the creeps. At one point I talked about the great horror stable that was Universal Studios, back in its 30’s – 50’s heyday. The characters, stories and imagery they gave us are iconic – their legacy was and remains strong – so it’s not a surprise that the studio is now plundering that rich heritage to bring us a new roster of films inspired by those early features


Stereo VFX with 360° video

In earlier posts I’ve talked about my first VR experience and how it really resonated with me. One of the elements that really contributed to the impact the experience had on me was that it was CG. CG characters and worlds can be so fantastic; pulling imagery from our nightmares, creating environments and landscapes that amaze us, presenting […]

Halloween VFX: The Cabin in the Woods

OK, so before I go on I gotta tell you there are some spoilers here. I only wish someone at the Belfast Telegraph would print something like that before they launch into an article on the death toll from the latest episode of Game of Thrones… anyway. For those of you who have seen the […]

Dawn of the Planet of the Motion Capture Dudes

Last week I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and it stirred me enough write a piece on it. Although Koba blasting two machine guns while riding a horse into battle trumps Optimus Prime atop Grilock for this summer’s epic image – this is NOT what compelled me to type. What was compelling […]

3D: Pre-viz footage of “Target Practice”

I was reluctant to post the progress of this because – as you’ll see, its Pre-viz, meaning basically that it looks rough. Pre-viz footage can be pretty raw, the CG isn’t rendered (ie; no shiny metal robot) no post production, no sound….but its put together to help me visualise the timing. From here I can […]